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Breathe deeply, close your eyes, and relax: the most luxurious massage experience you have ever known can be yours in no time.

Feel your troubles, your worries, and your stress melt away with the help of our incredible, revitalizing therapeutic massage chairs.

From the moment you sit down, you will feel your body lifted to another plane of Zen-like bliss and pampering as our full line of chairs hand selected by our team of massage professionals nurture and nourish your mind, body, and soul.

At Massage Chair Outlet, we offer chairs that put people first you will never find a bulky, uncomfortable chair in our catalog. We only offer chairs that exemplify the ultimate spa-like massage experience: each and every robotic chair we provide will deliver you a veritable oasis of tranquility and dream-like relaxation, stimulating your creativity and your mind even as it relieves and alleviates your muscles and joints.

Our chairs come from the most reputable and time-tested names in the industry you will find no cheap knock-offs here. We routinely and rigorously test every massage chair we sell to make sure it meets or exceeds our incredibly high quality standards but we offer these chairs at the lowest possible price. We want to share the gift of healthful massage with all of you, even if it means not making as much profit as other retailers.

We don't just sell chairs here. We sell an improved sense of wellbeing. We sell transcendence from this world, with all its worries, into a whole new dimension of organic revitalization. We sell mind and body detoxification, helping you feel young and invulnerable and ready to take on any challenge. We sell intellectual stimulation and zest for life. We sell relief.

If you have any questions, or would like to comment on our chairs or service, please do not hesitate to call our team of massage specialists and mechanical experts are eager to hear from you and insure that you find the PERFECT massage chair for your relaxation needs.

Pamper yourself. Experience a massage from Massage Chair Outlet today.

Our Featured Chair

Our Current featured massage chair is the SMC-6850, by Superior Massage Chairs. This elegant and ultra-comfortable recliner is a true pioneer in the massage world, featuring all new therapeutic technologies such as 3D ultra-deep Thai massage, body-scanning optics technology, heated padding, weightless and effortless 170° reclining, wave-style arm and calf massage, reflexology foot massage, and a built-in mp3 player so you can enjoy your favorite music while you relax.

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