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Best Massage Chair 2013 - Features Of The Best Massage Chair 2013

In this busy and fast moving world, where you juggle between your professional and personal life trying to strike a perfect balance between the two, often what is most neglected is your own health. Taking care of small health hazards, like body aches at the end of a tiring day, muscle pull, mental stress, etc. hardly exist anywhere in our priority list and if somehow we look into it, the expensive services at spas and massage studios pull us back and we are often found ignoring our most essential needs of our body. After a tiring day, which has been quite intoxicating for both your physical and mental health, a soothing body massage can really be a blessing in disguise. It not only helps you to stretch and relax your body muscles, but also relieves your head off a terrible burden. The best massage chair 2013 should be one which fulfills the needs of your body and mind and leaves you rejuvenated, refreshed and re-energized.

Some of the most important features that the best body massage chair 2013 should possess is the 3D massage technology, which implies that the deep massage that you will be able to enjoy by this technology will knead and press your back as well as your neck and shoulders. It will be an added advantage if the chair is facilitated with the Thai-stretch function too, which acts well on the more stubborn knots and pressure points from your neck to your hip. Pelvis stretching which is another uncommon feature which you can add to the best massage chair 2013 along with its gentle feature that works wonders on your thigh, calf and foot muscle leaving it loosened, relaxed and incredibly stretched.

Heating elements, warming pads and feet pads, characterized with reflexology massage therapy and multi-directional air massage that ensures a total bliss and soulful benefits in total mind and body wellness are some of the best features that you can find when you purchase an excellent massage chair. The best massage chair 2013 will be able to provide you with an extraordinary massage treatment with 3D rolling, 3D kneading, 3D tapping, 3D rubdown and tapping combinations, wave style rolling, acupressure, which assures thumb pressing like affects, pulsation, vibration, zero gravity technology, all of which will make your entire body light, stress free and totally revitalized and invigorated. The revolution in the world of health related products has certainly appreciated the enhanced use of massage chairs, which are undoubtedly a better option compared to going to spas or massage studios. You may be surprised, but its a fact that the best massage chair 2013 may even feature highly intelligent and instinctive robotics, subject to micro adjustments, that not only scrutinizes your entire body, but also delivers a custom made massage experience along with several powerful motors, and airbags that target the stress points and trouble spots.

A set of s-track movable intelligent massage robotics provides additional emphasis on your neck, shoulders and lumbar vertebrae. The quad roller make you experience a massage that replicates an in-person massage with thumb and fingers on your head and neck and helps you relieved of all your stress and worries. It leaves your mind and body refreshed and energized. It is very important that the best massage chair 2013 should truly be the best by making you experience and entirely relaxing massage. With this new and innovative chair, even the unreachable and difficult stress points should be accessible and bring your relief. This is easily done by the strategically placed airbags which access their target points and brings complete relaxation to your whole body, including your spine and major joints.

The automatically set in built auto timer ensures the time and gives you full control over the duration of the massage. Increments set with a lapse of 5 minutes up to 30 minutes can be set with the intelligent massaging program and patterns can also be set for individual satisfaction. Over doing massages for an extended time frame may leave you torn up instead of toning your body. Control over the time and pattern works wonders and complete relaxation is observed in the best massage chair 2013. One of our most popular models of massage chairs, SMC 6850 offers essential features and sleek characteristics.

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We believe in providing all our clients with an improved sense of wellbeing. We completely believe in organic revitalization and want you to get the best for the price you pay. We keep updating our product list with the products of latest technology and newer designs. It is time to pamper yourself, experience a relaxing massage from the comfort of your own home or office with the leather office massage chair. We are also open to your suggestions, complaints and queries. Our team of specialists and mechanical experts are enthusiastically waiting to hear from you because our ultimate aim is to get you the best massage chair 2013 and enjoy the best after sales services too. Log on to our website for more detailed descriptions of every product we deal in and find the most perfect chair keeping in mind your body requirements. The entire process is online and complemented with easy shipping as well.