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Superior Massage Chairs

Superior SMC-6850
Retail Price: $6,495.00

Sale Price: $3,995.00

Superior Massage Chairs is one of the newest designers to hit the massage industry, and they are working hard to make their mark with pioneering designs and elegant engineering. These chairs are truly designed with YOU in mind featuring a bevy of customization options and the most comfortable ergonomic design you will ever find, their one and only chair the SMC 6850 is the ultimate relaxation tool.

The manufacturer had over a decade of experience in the massage industry, as a consultant and a vendor of renowned brands, before designing its own chairs. Now, Superior aims to take years of intimate industry knowledge to task, striving to develop the world's best massage chair for real therapeutic relief. Superior knows what a body needs to feel truly relaxed, truly revitalized, and truly cared-for. The SMC-6850 is more than just a massage chair; it is the result of years of experience, testing, and empathy, combined into one complete healthy package that will eliminate stress from your body and inspire your mind.

Made to pamper your body and cradle your muscles and tension points in a gentle kneading embrace, the Superior chair will sweep you off your feet and into a world of therapeutic bliss. Zero Gravity technology will recline you into a full-flat position so the massage rollers can do their work, delivering a massage that is deeper and more potent than most. The unique arm massage system provides a "wave massage" that will swell and press up and down your arm, just like a real massage therapist. The full-stretching Thai style massage rollers will move along all your massage meridians, giving you the closest, deepest, and most precise therapy for your body. The chair also features a leg stretching function, completely one of a kind and endlessly relaxing! A built in stereo system is just icing on the cake.

If you need a therapeutic massage and you can't afford expensive and time consuming visits to a professional, nothing compares to Superior's best massage chair the SMC 6850. Comfortable, comforting, and completely non-conformist this chair will elevate your massage experience to a whole new level.